TAFFRIH-Down To Memories Lane

TAFFRIH-Down To Memories Lane

Significance of travel?

The beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Every word has a specific value in the eyes of each individual differently. Travel for some is rejuvenating while it is an escape for some. And then there are others who look beyond the itinerary of the prepackaged ‘fast-food’esque tours and go and interact with the local culture and people. By any means, nothing demeans any travel whatsoever. Though, just by reading one does not enrich themselves unless their “vocabulary of thought” increases, which is to say their thinking premises deepens and the thought horizons widens. In the same, unless the traveler interacts with the local culture and people and peaks into their lives as is, the journey lacks something in terms of what you bring back from the place, a part of your new found soul. In that scaling up of a soul, Travel is the best thing one can do for themselves.

Why Taffrih.com?

We are not defined by one facet of what we are but the common thread that binds us together, we are a band of Techies, Finance and Marketing professionals and Designers who all feel Travel is the Food For Soul. This journey has just begun and moving ahead there is a vision that will be the beginning of a new phase in Indian context for the travelers.

We are raising our own Tribe, THE FREE TRIBE [Taffrih Tribe] of like-minded travelers who do not just go sightseeing at the most picturesque hill tops to SHOW but to SEE just like David McCullough Jr. put so rightly in words

“Climb the mountain so you can see the world, not so the world can see you.”

It is imperative to understand that going places just does not mean seeing but understanding. The more we understand, united we become.

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